Our Services

If you are an author, publisher, or part of a lit organization with a project forthcoming in 2020, 2021, or 2022, we are currently open to inquiries and proposals. Please give us a shout.

Full-length poetry or fiction collection

We are currently seeking poetry-only inquiries for full-length publicity campaigns. If you have a book forthcoming in 6 months (or longer, ideally), please email us to learn more about the following services — including, but not limited to:

Pitch national long-lead print and digital media coverage (book reviews, book features, interviews)

Organization of a national book tour with # of cities determined by author

Targeted outreach to key populations with special interest in books themes / topics

Academic market outreach; crafting press releases and targeted media mailing lists.

National radio & TV show outreach (interviews, book reviews, drive-time)

Literary Arts Organization Campaign or Project

We would love to hear from literary or arts-focused organizations about media representation for your brand or individual project. We would be happy to create custom proposals based on your needs as a mission-driven entity. Planning a long-term initiative? We’ll help with building a sustainable PR strategy for promotion.

Consultation for Publisher or Organization

A comprehensive one-time workshop customized for your organization’s needs. Includes:

 A “brand snapshot”: how to analyze your audience to improve sales and visibility 

Media training sessions for author appearances and interviews on an as-needed basis

How to increase brand recognition and industry presence; developing a clearer brand differentiation

Planning a long-term initiative? Building a sustainable PR strategy for promotion

In-depth session on utilizing social media as a sales and marketing tool 

Consultation for a Single Collection

 A two-hour consultation, which includes a rundown of custom pitch ideas, positioning, and suggested outlets to pitch, thorough reading of manuscript to identify key themes; plus personalized advice for social media promotion. Also during this session, authors will receive a take-home, actionable plan for generating buzz for your book, an op-ed and byline brainstorm session, a review of sample press materials such as press releases; and how to plan your own book tour.